Yuval Orly

Yuval Orly


2000-2003     BA – graduate of  “Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design” – Israel


2016 Art-Expo, New York

2016 Represented exclusively in the USA by BLUE GALLERY, Florida

2011 One man exhibition  – “Beit-Hamanim in the name of Joseph Zaritzky”, Tel Aviv

2011 Group exhibition – “The Red-House Gallery”- “Black & white in the red house”, Tel Aviv

2011 Group exhibition – “The Red-House Gallery”- “what’s with the black square, wedding gown and Barn’s collection”, Tel Aviv

2011 Group exhibition – “The Red-House Gallery”- “what’s with Zehava Dall, a wedding gown and Barn’s collection”, Tel Aviv

2010 Group exhibition – “The Halalit Galary” – “The beauty of the mistake”, Tel Aviv

2007 Group Exhibition – “The Israeli Opera House”, Tel Aviv

2005 Video-Art Curator in the dance & video festival-“Hazira Ha-Bein Tchumit” – “Dance-Zone 2”, Jerusalem

2005 Group exhibition – “Sadnaot  Haomanim Tel-Aviv”, Tel Aviv

2003 Video- Art Curator –initiated & produced –    “Video-Bar Project”, Tel Aviv

2001 Group Exhibition, Shavey zion

Yuval Orly’s paintings have been sold to private collectors in Israel, and throughout the United States.

Yuval Orly, a citizen of Israel, deals through his art work in recent years with landscapes, mainly of Israeli nature and memories of landscapes that had shaped and influenced his life.

Orly is an Israeli artist that has been active in the art scene since 2003, a graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2003.

In most of his paintings you will not see images of people or urbane buildings but only disconnected nature.

Yuval Orly’s oil canvases are unique in concept. Influenced by the Israeli strong sun light Orly smears all his paintings, creating compositions that try to capture a new view of nature, his own interoperation.

Orly says, “The process of smearing the paintings is a very aggressive process. Through it I destroy the whole composition not ever knowing in advance how the painting will look like at the end. I just know how I begin. The smearing-act totally changes the picture, the chemistry between the colors, the lines and the depth of the composition. It’s a fascinating process”.

All the original paintings are oil paints made on canvas, they are delicate and thinner than a brushes hair.


by Yuval Orly


by Yuval Orly